How to create your own auctions

Online Silent Auctions are Easy!

Here you can learn how to create your own auctions for non profits, fundraising, downsizing, liquidation, or just to sell because it is the proper time.

How to begin your Online Silent Auction

  1. You already have access to a computer.
  2. Next you need to own items ready to sell.
  3. You will need a digital camera and an email address.
  4. Take pictures of the front, back, right, left, top, and bottom
  5. Don’t leave out any damages, rather: note and include any scratches or dings
  6. Include a detailed description: size, color, make, model, type
  7. Include a description of the lot’s quality condition: new, good, used, fair, needs work
  8. Pick the length of time for the auction
  9. Choose realistic price values for buy now options and opening bid
  10. Once you submit the lot for auction, we will review the lot and approve it or revise it
  11. Once the lot is live, you will be notified by email, usually very quickly
  12. When the online silent auction is live, post, email, share and promote the auction
  13. Once the auction is over, tender the item in exchange for the top bid minus fees
  14. Shipping can be arranged by the buyer, or included in the price of the item
  15. Payment is arranged via Pay Pal, check, or bank transfer
  16. Once you are an approved seller, you can post anytime

If you have any additional questions, please email us!

We are happy to help you succeed.